Now the BMW i5 is back on, according to BMWBlog

Oh the emotional rollcer coaster BMW is taking us on. First it says there will be an i5, then it says it will be an i4, then no i4, and now we are back to “yes, there will be an i5” – at least according to the website BMW Blog.

Turns out that some confusion may have come from an announcement in early 2019 by BMW that the i5 was simply a working name, which led to speculation that the real release name of the model wouldn’t be i5. Now, Handelsblatt, a German news outlet, says that the BMW i5 and BMW iX1 are both heading for production.

No timeline is given, but BMW has moved up the timeline for adding 12 fully electric vehicles by 2023, so chances are these already-planned EVs will happen by then.

The i5 is likely to be a premium business sedan, rather than a performance sedan like the Taycan and Model S.

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