Next BMW i model will likely be sold as the BMW i5

Rumors of a third BMW i family model have been on the go for years, which is why this site was first created back in 2015! And of course, with rumors, we have little real information to go on, and, like a good game of telephone, the message gets so distorted that there are ‘reports’ of the next BMW i model being a fully electric sedan, or even a hydrogen powered car.

However, according to sources cited by, the next model in the family will be badged the BMW i5. Rather than blending in with its sibling i3 and i8 models, the source says the i5 will look more like a regular BMW vehicle.

The source also said the development is much farther along than anyone knows. Last month, BMW’s board member responsible for sales and marketing Ian Robertson said “Having recently had a final design review, you can assume that it’s a bigger car rather than a smaller one, and you can assume that the packaging for the next generation of batteries has to be accommodated in such a way that gives the car a certain proportion.

The i5 will likely have Level 3 autonomy with ability for level 4 and 5 in the future. BMW is planning the iNext in 2021, so perhaps the i5 will arrive at the same time, or before then.

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