German sources give details of upcoming i5 Range Extended Crossover

In an article exclusive to (Spanish), they claim German sources have provided more details on the upcoming i5, the third vehicle from BMW in the ‘i’ sub-brand.

It’s been estimated the i5 will be a sedan around the size of the future 3 series, but new information points to the BMW i5 being an all-electric luxury crossover with an extended-range system. The vehicle is said to have an attractive design similar to the i3 and i8, without compromising passenger comfort, and also without butterfly doors.

Sources say that BMW already has full-scale models of the vehicle and there will be some advance concepts released soon. Similar to the i3 and i8, it’s likely a concept of the i5 will be presented first to announce the model, and then a second concept closer to what will make it to production.

Also, most internet rumors say the i5 is coming in 2017, but is now being reported as early 2020. The BMW i1 is also rumored around the same time.

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