BMW planning i6 electric sedan

A recent article in AutomobileMag says that BMW is well on its way to building an electric sedan that they will call the i6.

BMW is also on its way to building an all-new, all-electric car called the i6, a modern yet practical package roughly the size of a 3 Series sedan.

The article went on to say that the BMW i6 is due in mid 2020, and will be built with a skateboard style battery pack and lots of carbon fiber pieces.

The i6 will use 2, or possibly even 4 motors (which would mean in-wheel motors) and could even have a lithium-polymer battery pack that is reportedly about half of the price of the lithium-ion batteries used in the i3 and i8 electric vehicle and have 3 times as much battery capacity.

With no direct quotes from anyone at BMW, however, this all seems very much like smoke and speculation at this point…

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