BMW i5 Specifications

According to an article on, BMW is set to use a revised version of the Toyota Mirai’s hydrogen fuel-cell system in a future i-brand model that is likely to be badged the i5.

Now that Japanese Automakers Toyota and Honda have taken the initiative, as well as Hyundai, with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the race is on between German car companies.

If BMW does go ahead with a hydrogen powered i5, the BMW i sub-brand would have 3 vehicles, each with a different propulsion system.

Jacob Hard, head of BMW’s EV operations in the US, said of the BMW i5 back in April 2014, “You can probably take an educated guess at the next thought process, something a little bigger, maybe a little more range, relative to the i3. We’ve got everything trademarked and we’re exploring the best, next iteration. It is coming. It’s in development now.”

Rumors on the interwebs put the release of the BMW i5 some time in 2017, alongside the Tesla Model 3 and other 2nd generation electric vehicles like the GM Bolt and LEAF 2.0.

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