BMW i5 renderings from RM.Design

As time rolls on, more and more rumors on the next BMW i car float around. Here is a set of renderings from RM.Design on what the BMW i5 could look like.

Initially, the i5 was supposed to rival the Tesla Model S as some sort of extened BMW i3, but it’s now been hinted by BMW that the i5 will be more of an SUV or crossover style vehicle.

The i5 will use the technology tested and refined from the BMW i3 and i8 sports car, as well as the newest innovations of autonomous driving and connectivity features.

It’s likely going to be made of carbon fiber reinforced¬†plastic (like the sibling BMW i vehicles), and with all electric range somewhere in the range of 200 miles or greater. There is also a chance it will have a plug-in hybrid version or range extended option (Rex) like the i3 does.

Without further ado, here are the renderings from RMCarDesign

BMW i5 plug-in hybrid vehicle bmw i5 rendering

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