BMW i5 Rendering

This rendering of the 2017 BMW i5, by Car And Driver, is simply a stretched BMW i3, with forward (normal) facing hinges on the rear doors.

According to BMWBlog, the midsize i5 will be aimed at a slightly different demographic than the i3: it will be for families, with plenty of space for 5, and of course, have front-hinged rear doors for easy ingress and egress for the rear passengers.

BMW engineers have said that by adding 100mm of extra legroom to the i3, and adding 150mm to the rear overhang of the vehicle, they can create a family electric vehicle that isn’t any larger than a MINI Countryman.

With a slightly larger battery pack, the BMW i5 could have a driving range close to 200 miles!

2017 bmw i5 4 door rendering

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