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Turns out BMW i5 is actually the i4

After years of speculation, BMW has finally revealed that the next available electric vehicle will be the i4 – a sleek all-electric sedan.

Prototypes of the BMW i4, as well as 2 other electric models – the iX3 and the iNext – were caught doing some cold weather testing in Munich, Germany recently.

The BMW iX3 is already set to go on sale next year, with the BMW i4 and iNext being brought to market in 2021.

The BMW i4 has battery capacity for a range of approximately 600 kilometers, and the power to get to 100 km/h in around 4 seconds.

Production of the BMW i4 will start at the BMW Munich Plant in 2021.

As for discussions, don’t use this forum – check out the BMW i4 forum of course!

Next BMW i model will likely be sold as the BMW i5

Rumors of a third BMW i family model have been on the go for years, which is why this site was first created back in 2015! And of course, with rumors, we have little real information to go on, and, like a good game of telephone, the message gets so distorted that there are ‘reports’ of the next BMW i model being a fully electric sedan, or even a hydrogen powered car. Continue reading

German site says the i5 is coming in 2019

According to German site AutoBild, BMW will expand its ‘i’ model range of electric vehicle by launching the i5 in the middle of 2019. The 2020 model year BMW i5 will come as a sedan, and with similar proportions to the BMW i3, but with a smaller drive unit (presumably because of technological advances, not because of a less capable unit), the interior is even more spacious. Continue reading

BMW planning i6 electric sedan

A recent article in AutomobileMag says that BMW is well on its way to building an electric sedan that they will call the i6.

BMW is also on its way to building an all-new, all-electric car called the i6, a modern yet practical package roughly the size of a 3 Series sedan.

The article went on to say that the BMW i6 is due in mid 2020, and will be built with a skateboard style battery pack and lots of carbon fiber pieces.

The i6 will use 2, or possibly even 4 motors (which would mean in-wheel motors) and could even have a lithium-polymer battery pack that is reportedly about half of the price of the lithium-ion batteries used in the i3 and i8 electric vehicle and have 3 times as much battery capacity.

With no direct quotes from anyone at BMW, however, this all seems very much like smoke and speculation at this point…

BMW planning on larger electric car

BMW is planning a bigger electric vehicle that will be larger than the all electric BMW i3 model. There’s much speculation as to what this vehicle will be called – the i5, or the i9? Maybe even the BMW i4…

CEO Harald Krueger told Weeklies publication that BMW “will bring to market next to the BMW i3 soon another electric i-model.”

The i3 has had low sales figures for a while, but lately, BMW group has seen increased demand for the i3 EV and hybrid models and the i8 hybrid sports car. In the coming year, BMW will be increasing the areas where the i3 is available.

This year up to September, around 16,600 BMW i3s have been sold and nearly 4,000 i8s. This is a relatively small percentage compared to the total 1.6 million vehicles BMW sold in that period.

German sources give details of upcoming i5 Range Extended Crossover

In an article exclusive to (Spanish), they claim German sources have provided more details on the upcoming i5, the third vehicle from BMW in the ‘i’ sub-brand.

It’s been estimated the i5 will be a sedan around the size of the future 3 series, but new information points to the BMW i5 being an all-electric luxury crossover with an extended-range system. The vehicle is said to have an attractive design similar to the i3 and i8, without compromising passenger comfort, and also without butterfly doors.

Sources say that BMW already has full-scale models of the vehicle and there will be some advance concepts released soon. Similar to the i3 and i8, it’s likely a concept of the i5 will be presented first to announce the model, and then a second concept closer to what will make it to production.

Also, most internet rumors say the i5 is coming in 2017, but is now being reported as early 2020. The BMW i1 is also rumored around the same time.