Welcome to the future home of the BMW i5 forum! Since the i5 is currently just rumors, we wanted a place to gather information on it, and, if it makes it to production, have a home for a forum on BMW’s next big ‘i’ vehicle!

BMW i5 News from My Electric Car Forums :

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BMW’s next EV really is the BMW i4 EV

And we’ve created an information packed BMW i4 website. The long awaited followup to the i3 EV is due out sometime in 2021.

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Now the BMW i5 is back on, according to BMWBlog

Oh the emotional rollcer coaster BMW is taking us on. First it says there will be an i5, then it says it will be an i4, then no i4, and now we are back to “yes, there will be an i5” – at least according to the website BMW Blog.

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